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We manage your on-site refueling, no matter the industry.

Whether you have to refuel a single piece of equipment, an entire marina or even multiple construction sites in different locations, we manage North America's largest network of fuel suppliers to help you save time and money.

24 hours a day, our supplier network can deliver: 

  • Diesel for farm, residential & commercial

  • Marine diesel for marinas

  • Clear ultra-low diesel (white/on-road)

  • Coloured / marked diesel (marked/off-road)

  • Gasoline

We make it really, really easy. 

We are dedicated team on in house fuel delivery experts backed by the best tech in the industry. 

Free your staff to do what they do best, and let us handle the complex and nuanced world of keeping your vehicles and equipment fueled and ready.  Pay your team to make you money, not wait in line at the pumps! 

We eliminate downtime and overtime spent at the pumps.

We can increase the productivity of your drivers and entire fleet by making sure your trucks and equipment are fueled up and ready to go when the workday starts.


We can arrange delivery any time of day or night to meet your needs.

On-site fuel storage is risky and challenging - we manage delivery of fuel so you don't ever have to store it. 

Environmental liability, maintenance, insurance, reconciliation and costs are all factors that need to be considered when storing fuel on-site.  This can be challenging and expensive to do correctly. 


Using our expert on-site refueling service means the same benefit without the hassle!

We provide accurate, simple and timely reporting and invoices.  

Our online tech will simplify your equipment refueling process, monitor fuel consumption and improve overall efficiency. We always provide clear and detailed reports with industry leading timeliness. 

Your invoice will ALWAYS be what you've agreed to pay. Our data shows 8 out of 10 invoices are incorrect. By preventing that problem we improve your bottom line.

Automatically, you will be able to keep track of fuel consumption by project, fuel liters used per vehicle and the fuel price per liter.  The best part? Our tech is easy, and if you want to just do it the old way, we can make it all run in the background so you don't have change your workflow. 

Our vast experience and large network of suppliers means we deliver reliability and expert customer service.  

Through our network of strategic petroleum suppliers, we can service any location in Canada. Our proprietary technology service connects thousands of suppliers and allows us to automatically dispatch fuel deliveries. You can call us directly, order through our app or we can monitor your tanks. However you order fuel, we've got you covered.

Plus, our customer service and support is the best in the industry. Our highly experienced reps can work with you to solve even the most complex fueling scenario. 

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