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Employee Spotlight: Andy Peeler

Meet Andy Peeler, the newest addition to the Site Fuel team. Joining us in November 2023, Andy has quickly become an integral part of our family, bringing enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to our operations. Let’s dive into what makes Andy a fantastic member of our team.

The future of fuel delivery is here.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Andy and I’m the newest addition to the Site Fuel team. I started here back in November 2023 and have quickly come to appreciate the culture and the new and exciting challenges each day.

A little about me, I grew up in central Pennsylvania in a town called Bellefonte. I spent most of my time fishing for either trout or bass, skiing, snowboarding and hiking. I graduated from Penn State with a major in business management and a focus in supply chain management. Shortly after graduation I decided to move my talents to Charleston SC where I developed my love for saltwater fishing.

When I’m not working with suppliers to find fueling solutions I usually find myself at the beach, going on a run, or fishing.




Andy’s journey from Bellefonte, PA to Charleston, SC, coupled with his academic background and passion for outdoor activities, makes him a well-rounded and dynamic member of our team. His dedication to finding the best fueling solutions and his love for new challenges truly embody the spirit of Site Fuel.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on our amazing team members, and join us in celebrating the people who make Site Fuel great!

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