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Employee Spotlight: Ajay (AJ)

At Site Fuel, we are proud of our diverse and dedicated team members who bring their unique talents and passions to the table. This week, we're excited to introduce Ajay, or AJ as he prefers, a valuable addition to our team since December 2022. AJ's enthusiasm and dedication have made a significant impact on our operations.

The future of fuel delivery is here.

Hey Everyone! I am Ajay, you can call me AJ too😉. I started with Site Fuel in Dec`22. My favorite part of working with Site Fuel is creating orders and invoicing.

I was born and raised in Jabalpur, (M.P) and moved to Pune (MH.), India for higher education and completed my MBA.

During my leisure time, I love moving around with my wife and my 6-year-old kid👪. I explore new places (especially hill stations and beaches) with my family during holidays.

I am a full-time investor in the stock market. I admire Warren Buffet and like reading books. My favorite books are The Intelligent Investor and Coffee Can Portfolio.

I am a gym lover. I go to the gym to refuel myself with energy and fitness🧘‍♂️.




AJ's dedication to his work and his diverse interests make him an integral part of the Site Fuel team. Whether he's creating orders, spending quality time with his family, investing in the stock market, or working out at the gym, AJ brings a level of passion and energy that inspires us all. We are thrilled to have AJ on our team and look forward to his continued contributions.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on our amazing team members, and join us in celebrating the people who make Site Fuel great!

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